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Update: July 17, 2007

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Katie Couric has no class.

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Why did she think it was okay to announce shes moving to a competing company while still under contract for the one she is working for? Why does anyone think it's okay to do that on the damn show, live? And really, why the hell was everyone on the set laughing and giggling about it? I don't get that. She took time away from her professional responsibilities on NBC's marque show to babble about her personal issues, and that's bad enough, but then she laughs about it? What the hell... Click the title to read the rest.

If you're going to quit, you keep your mouth shut and keep doing the job you are still being paid to do like a professional, with class. You don't throw it in your bosses face on national freaking television like a cable TV clown. People expect better of you than that. You're finally getting a real job on TV, a nightly news anchor position, and probably the last one ever. You'll be doing actual news, real journalism Katie, not standing outside in the freezing cold blathering on with some dork chef about how to make good stuffing over Thanksgiving. That takes charisma, this takes actual skill and effort.

Perhaps my idea of what being a professional means differs from most peoples. It means your job comes first, and you do whatever it takes to get that job done, the right way. It doesn't matter if you're five days into the job, or five days from the end, you give it everything you've got to give the whole time or get the hell out of the way so someone who really cares about the job can do it. I suppose she might have an excuse, the Today Show for the most part is lame housewarming crap and not actual news, but that's all about to change. She's not going to give a pre-written thirty second update on the top stories coming out of NBC News, she's going to be giving the real deal and working within the news division.

That used to mean something. It meant something to Edward R. Murrow, and you know what, lump me in with that dying species of people who think this is serious business, for serious people, because it means something to me too.

Act like a professional, Katie, or go hang out on MSNBC or Fox.

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