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Update: July 17, 2007

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North Carolina Politics. Ugh.

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The Chairman's Corner: Democrats' blog: Bible is a "magnificent work of fiction"

Not real sure what to make of this. A North Carolina blog called BlueNC lead me to it. Someone on BlueNC made comments that the Bible is fictional, and Marcus Kindley's only retort is a cheap shot at an entire party. It's just astounding to me that someone could be that ignorant. Sad as it may be, there's just as many people of faith in the Democratic party as there are in the Republican party. It's probably the reason the two sides never get along.

"Interesting point of view, is this the point of view of the majority of Democrats? Maybe what they say about the Democrat Party is true."

Maybe what they say about the Republican party is true:

  • The party of deficit hawks: that wrung up the greatest deficit ever.

  • The party of morals: and also bribery, bigotry, and lies.

  • The party of states rights: unless it comes to either the environment or civil rights.

  • The party of the compassionate conservative: unless it comes to starving homeless children and the elderly. (I'm going to expunge on this because I saw a Senate vote last year where the Democrats put up an amendment that would create a fund to fight child poverty by raising the the taxes of the richest 1% of Americans (think Bill Gates). It was voted down on party lines. That's indefensible. I was ashamed to be an American that day.)

Shall I continue? Our parties can go back and forth with this bull, and just what the hell is it doing for the people? Sure, it was pretty fun to point out what horrible people a ton of Senate Republicans are (a lot of Senate Democrats are just as bad), but it's not making the country better. It's making our parties look like stupid highschool kids, and I'm sick of it.

I'm not helping things, and neither are you. This countries elected leaders need to grow up, seriously. Stop acting like children. Don't spend 5 minutes on your crappy blog (so I don't have to spend 20 minutes on my crappy blog) telling us how stupid you think we are. We already know. Try doing something useful, like starting a debate between the opposing ideals about how we can stop being opponents and start being partners to building a better state and country.
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