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Update: July 17, 2007

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I decide to test my skills in a higher stakes play money Sit & Go. The action should be tighter, and if I place well, maybe I build up the nerve to play for real money.

There are 17 people left out of 27, my chip stack is about 8th best. The blinds are small and I'm eager to make a move. My cards are A9 unsuited, and the flop is A-x-A. I flopped a set; I'm in business. I'm in the blinds and first to act, so I check to see if anyone else is carrying. Three or four guys to my left and above me check, on my right side one guy bets $200 with the player to his left calling. One or two fold around to me, and I come over them with a re-raise to $1400. Everyone folds but one, who pushes all-in. When it comes back to me, I have two choices with two cards still to come:

1. Fold away trip aces and $1400 worth of chips leaving me with about $600.
2. Call, and be all-in the rest of the way.

I don't know the pot odds, but there's no straight or flush within sniffing distance and a set of Aces is the nuts for a set. I peg him on two pair, Aces and ??. I call.

The table: A-x-A-?-?

Me: A9.
Him: AT.

I'm dominated, with a ten kicker. A poker pro could certainly tell you that he's a 12832783328:1 favorite to win, with only a 9 that could save me for a full house. I don't get it, and finish in 16th. I walk away with nothing. Even though it's play money, it still stings. It was something like an $11000 buy-in, which I hoped would be close to the kind of action I'd be seeing at a real money table, and I whiffed so far out of the money I couldn't even smell it.

He had the nuts, I had the balls. Bummer.
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