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Update: July 17, 2007

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Hal Turner: Kill All Mexicans

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I'm not sure what purpose is served by beating this particular horse, but I'm going to do it anyway because lets be honest for a moment, who doesn't like beating on dead things? If I were Hal Turner, then I could say something like "he isn't dead, but he should be!" So there it is, I'm talking about conservative radio host Hal Turner, accused of being a white supremacist, and a certifiable racist ass. Turner was the subject of interest a few days ago when I found something on WND that was quoting him saying that anyone in Congress who votes to give illegal immigrants any kind of amnesty should be assassinated, which is a polite and thought provoking way of saying they should be murdered because for political reasons.

Turners website was down when I wrote about this and I wanted to wait until after I could study it for myself before I did anything more, and now that time has come. I can't say that I' shocked about what I found, but I was going into this with an open mind. I've been the sucker on too many one-sided debates to blindly accept what others were saying about turner. Context can be the difference between peace and war in this world and it just doesn't pay to make conclusions without all the data.

On the main page, we have Turner quoting MSNBC as saying that "Turner has the cachet of show business and draws easily on the politics of the day to support his case." Again, without the context I'd have to say this is a compliment, but I'm not sure what the whole picture is since there isn't a link or anything else to go along with this. MSNBC is known for being really stupid and uncaring when it comes to conservative radio talk show hosts, a lesson it learned the hard way when they brought Michael Savage onto their network for a brief period of time.

This happened back when this weblog was just getting started, early 2006. A lot of womens, minorities, and gay rights groups slammed MSNBC for giving Savage another outlet, but the warnings didn't sway them in the least. Either MSNBC was deluded into believing that Savage was simply the victim of liberals and simple advocacy politics, or they just didn't care. Either way, Savage got on the air and within a week I think said something bad enough about gays that MSNBC quickly fired him and deeply apologized for the incident.

It may seem innocent to some, but from what I hear and understand is that it was a surprise that it took a whole week to say something disgusting, bigoted, and/or racist enough to get him fired. This guy is in many ways supposed to be worse than Rush Limbaugh, and there was no lack of warning for MSNBC about what they were buying.

On the one hand we have a cable "news network" that seems to be praising a bigoted racist and has hired such people in the past. For this, I choose not to give MSNBC a free pass. This is just sickening.

Anyway, to give you an idea of what kind of person Hal Turner is, I'll quote from a few of the recent postings to his website. I apologize for the disgusting language you are about to read.
    Begins with a link to a video on YouTube that I have no interest in watching. Subtitled "THIS IS WHAT WHITE KIDS BECOME WHEN THEY HANG AROUND BLACKS".

    Look at this pathetic excuse for a white kid with the gold chains around his neck, the gold "grills" on his teeth, his completely stupid method of speaking while wearing his hat like an inner city nigger.

    If my son tried walking around looking like this - or talking like this - I would beat the shit out of him.

Turner ends this crap by telling people to physically assault anyone who looks or acts like this poor kid, and is sitting there telling people he would beat his own child for it. I hardly need point out the racist terms, I mean really, if this guy isn't a stone cold racist, I don't know who is.

This is actually interesting because it's pretty obvious to me that Mexico intends to use this program as leverage against the border fence. It definitely seems like an actionable offense, either through the U.N., sanctions of some sort on trade, or punitive measures in reduced aid. I'd be happy in stepping up enforcement actions against illegals caught with these things. No deportation for them, straight to prison. Regardless though, I think it is pretty clear how insane Turner is when his solution amounts to mass murder. His racism against Latinos is unquestionable.

"SAVAGE SPIC FORCES WOMAN INTO CAR WITH MACHETE; RAPES HER" goes one article title, "This is exactly they type of beastial behavior these people perpetrated in "the old country" and now they've brought their utter savagery here to America." Obviously Turner is right, since white men never rape anyone. But don't forget about this gem: "SAVAGE SPIC BEASTS OVER-RUN NATIONAL GUARD AT U.S. BORDER." All Latinos are savage, didn't you know? Sick.

What drew me to this site originally weren't these acts of racism, but this lawless act of death threats, from late October. Turners first gripe is that part of the McCain-Feingold is a violation of the first amendment, and at first glance I'd actually be likely to agree. My response would be to lobby the new Democratic Congress to take a look at that legislation, decide whether it has served its purpose or needs more tweaking, and revisit provisions of questionable legality. Turners response: murder them. As Turner himself noted, the Supreme Court split in upholding the law. Since Turner disagrees with their finding, they too are wrong, and their ruling is invalid. You'll probably find this a common theme, because people like this are never wrong.

Part 2 I'd agree with, the conquest of Iraq was illegal not just because President Bush lied about the reasons for going there, but because Congress did not declare war. I really wish Congress would have the courage to step up and reclaim the right granted to it and it alone by the Constitution. Why Turner believes this is some sort of justification for killing members of Congress is beyond me. It sounds like solid ground for impeachment though.

This Letter-To-The-Editor of the Washington Post by a sitting US Congressman admits they don't even read the Bills they vote into law!

If you had any illusion whatsoever that your government actually represents you, this shocking admission by an actual Congressman should disabuse you of that view.

This isn't news, it's plainly obvious to anyone who cares to know that Congressman hardly read their own legislation. They don't even write most of it, their staffers do. And how could you possible expect them to when up until this term, they spent only about three days per week in session? No, staffers and lobbyists regularly write legislation unless it is something that can be campaigned on later, and this won't change anytime soon. I've read the Constitution before and I'm fairly certain there isn't even a requirement that this stuff be read before a vote. Sounds like a lovely idea, but I'd support it fully. But consider this: the entire point of Congress is to create new laws, it's their only function in life. Doesn't really matter if we want more, or even need more laws, we're getting them no matter what, because there isn't anything in our nations charter that tells the Congress to only author laws when we need them. Perhaps now would be a good time to write a law that requires Congress to evaluate old laws after a certain amount of time passes to consider repealing the ones we no longer need. Sounds good to me.

4) Elected Officials Simply Ignore Our Will

Now, some of you are probably thinking, we can just vote the guys out of office and correct things politically. Yea, right.

That's precisely what our nation just did to the GOP, and who cares if they ignore our will? This isn't a real Democracy, it's a Republic. We elect people to make decisions for us, not to make decisions we tell them to do. We roll the dice with the people we put in Congress and we have the most powerful means of fixing Congressmen that don't listen: elections.

Poll after Poll of Americans from all walks of life agree that Immigration needs to be cut back and ILLEGAL immigration must be stopped. In fact, most Polls show that upwards of 80% of Americans want something done to halt illegal immigration. 80% of Americans want this matter taken care of, yet the federal government has done NOTHING.

Talk to the hand brother, because it is your GOP that has been holding this up. Illegal immigration hasn't really come to a head until the past few years and your party has had a monopoly on the government and still couldn't get the job done. If you want to blame anyone, it's the guys you most likely keep voting for because you're too chicken shit to vote for a Democrat. You cooked it, now you eat it.

Part 5 is already covered with elections. Part 6 is a knock on the GOP, not all of Congress. The deficit was an important part of the 2006 elections and Democrats are already working toward restoring the country to the kind of fiscal responsibility that cut-and-spend theocrats destroyed when they got the reigns. Again, just another knock on the GOP, not everyone in Congress and especially not Dems.

7) Passed the "USA PATRIOT ACT" and the "Military Commissions Act of 2006"

These two pieces of legislation severely limited the privacy, basic freedoms and basic rights of all Americans.

I'll give most people a free pass on the USA Patriot Act the first time around because 9/11 turned everyone in Washington into total cowards. When most of it came up for renewal, a lot of people stood up make the act a useful tool without making American privacy a tool as well. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot the opponents could do in the face of Republican domination in Congress and most of it ended up getting renewed anyway. There is still plenty of time however for the new Democratic Congress to figure out ways to rewrite the law while we prepare to take the White House in 2008.

Everyone who voted for the Military Commissions Act should be tried for treason, imho. Killing them is going a bit far, but they are definitely traitors to the spirit of the Constitution and the Geneva Convention. People who would approve of torture have no place in civilized society.

8) Take YOUR land and sell it to someone else for higher taxes!

Thanks to our Apostate Supreme Court, states, counties and municipalities can now declare an area "blighted," seize YOUR home and land through Eminent Domain then sell it to somebody else so it can be redeveloped to pay higher taxes!

This was going to happen no matter what, and it has nothing to do with the Supreme Court. The Constitution clearly states that the government may cease land FOR ANY REASON so long as it pays you fair price for it. Other than that, there are no other exceptions to that power. It has been there since the fifth amendment was ratified. "nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation." It doesn't get any more plain than that. It sucks, but there is nothing that can be done about it without another amendment. The court did exactly what it is supposed to do, it interpreted the law as it was written.

The rest is just more baseless bunk, but the illegal death threats don't let up.

So again I say, if you re-elect the people who have committed these wrongs against us and our Constitution, then we may have to simply kill them!

Why this man isn't in jail right now is simply beyond reason. I've said this before and I'll say it again; I can draw a picture of President Bush about to be smashed into a bloody pulp by an oversized anvil -- cartoon style -- and the Secret Service will be all over me like a guy with a tube of tooth paste at an airport. Actually threaten and incite others to murder members of Congress through, and you're home free.

If the Limbaughs and Coulters of the world want a worth cause to complain about, look no further than domestic terrorists like Hal Turner.

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